Bowing and Blessing

Love is constant blessings, to purify the fields of our hearts, together we are a part of the Rainbow Clan. Do your part, bless the sacred nine streams and four directions for the Oneness of God's kingdom on Mother Earth. As it arcs in heaven, sow shall it be arks on earth.

All my Relatives of the Rainbow Clan (that includes you),

Look at fire (sun or star streams may be used) and/or water (tears may be used, all water seen and felt as well), just make sure you are blessing both fire (red road of illumination) and water (blue hoop of the echoing), which represent heaven and earth, through out your day. Learning to bless 8-12 times a day is a habit one must cultivate to become a holy being, relative to all life known and unknown. This is the first step as a Spiritual Warrior, a defensive measure to cleanse the fields you share with others and to prevent unholy collisions, we call "Lessons" or "Stepping Stones". I encourage all parents to teach their children to prevent incidents of accident and other unholy events in our communities.

In hand, fire/water, "I bless the sacred nine streams and four holy directions". This represents the total field and helps with the inner illumination of your soul to emerge. This is your eternal knowledge you carry forth. Nine (magenta) and four (green) is thirteen (golden), the golden child who brings to us brotherhood and kin(g)ships of the Rainbow Clan, we are all part of) Bless anything extra which lies upon your heart, after saying these words to help everyone find brotherhood, sharing is the good k/news. Learning how is the next step in evolution.

Remember 8-12 times a day, bless with fire and water for spiritual protection throughout your day. Make this a habit which will guide you further on your great journey to become a spiritual being with GREATNESS (wakan tanka, a great spirit). We behold, all our love we bow with you, blessing the sacred nine streams and four holy directions, from our hearts to yours and back across the world, LOVE rules the AIRWAYS.

your devoted relative, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, Angel Services Around the World

Thunder Raging sings our Princess of Dawning
~Love and blessings sent in the winds. Love and blessings, brotherhood begins. Love and blessings, again and again. Love and blessings, will never end. Love and blessings, to heal the heart that mends. Love and blessings, beaming them out through the winds. Love and blessings, i can't say it enough. Love and blessings, are truly enough. Enough to keep us safe and bright. Enough to help us, beam our lights. Headlights shining, wide and far, to help you see, no matter where you are. Love and blessings, sing them loud, sing them strong. Stand up straight, stand up tall. Love and blessings, to help us along. We are the song of prayer tonight. We are the song, that eases your fright. With love and grace from God above, we'll shower your soul, with His sweet love. Love and blessings, never give up. Love and blessings, when times get tough. Keep your faith, for that's where it's at. Love and blessings, pitter pat, pitter pat.~ Thunder Raging sings (violet child)

Princess of Dawning,
Bowing is showing respect, offering self in gratitude as a servant, as well as being humble. When we serve each other, we are devotional and relative to our dreams. We belong to each other, thus we bow and show respect. When we don't, opposition, oppression, conflict and hatred occurs. Without a bow, LOVE does not reign, rein, rain, tears, smiles or knows unity of broken hearts. Pain is an expression of suffering, for those we love, because we feel the world around us, therefore we bow to their will, to endure, to assist and to pursue LOVE's calling.

Blessings the sacred nine directions is cleansing space. Demanding love enters. Purification of water and fire commits one to sacred space, dreaming together, rather than separated and divided. We are parts, learning to return to the sacred circle. This is the gift, our breath and divine spark of life we share with one another

And when one bows, then love has entered. Rainbow Mother shows us that if we bow to validate (echo, story tell, receive) another, this is called the roll over, the lesson has turned to treasure. Problems get solved this way. Before the bow, only opposition occurs, no resolution can be formulated and the red road ensues, repeats and renews only to give you the same lesson over and over, until one bows, to allow love to enter.

Taking a shower cleanses the soul with water. Taking a shower cleanses the flesh with fire. Cleaning yourself up is just good hygiene. This allows others to tolerate our ignorance, help and guidance us along the path of devotional bliss. We just can't miss.

One must remember to demand blessings if one feels in question, however receiving is Godly, regardless if it's good or bad. Remember it's a point of view or where one stands on the sacred circle. Sharing is an exchange that is valuable, regardless if it's good or bad (lessons rolled over is a treasure). Those who bless and share sanctuary space will bow with you, these are true blue relatives of heaven upon this world.

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child
Aho (may your spirit fly)